Tuition/Financial Aid (RN to BS in Nursing online)

For more than 150 years, the University of Rhode Island has been a learner-centered university. We are committed to offering students from all backgrounds and levels of economic need a high quality, affordable education.

Tuition and Fees

Program Per Credit Hour Per 3-Credit Hour Course Affiliate Partner Scholarship
RN to BS in Nursing $318.00 $954.00 $1,000

Additional Fees

One-time Fees
Application Fee: $65
Transcript Fee: $50
Document Fee: $115

Course Related Fees
Registration Fee: $15 per session
Technology Fee: $12 per credit hour/$36 per 3-credit hour course

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Determination

Financial Aid at the University of Rhode Island is awarded based on the information reported from a student’s FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). To complete the application please visit and select the current aid year application, URI school code: 003414. The FAFSA calculates the expected family contribution (EFC). Students need to be enrolled at least half time per term, for federal financial aid loan consideration.

Financial Aid Award Notification

Financial Aid award recipients can access their financial aid information online through the student e-Campus portal. Once financial aid is offered an award email will go out to notify the student. This award notice will direct students to their e-Campus account where they can accept or decline offered financial aid. You will find other important information concerning your award in this email. Please carefully read the notification so that you are aware of your responsibilities.


If you accept a loan, you will be required to complete a master promissory note and entrance counseling through The master promissory note and entrance counseling must be completed before your loan will be disbursed. Email notifications will be sent automatically to remind you to file a master promissory note and complete entrance counseling. You must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for these loan programs.

There are three federal loans available for RN to BS students. All awards are unique to the individual, you may not see all of the loans offered.

Federal Subsidized Loan

First, the federal subsidized loan. This loan eligibility is determined by a student’s financial need. (the difference between the cost of attending and the EFC as determined by the current year FAFSA). Unique to the subsidized loan, the government subsidizes the interest while a student is attending a degree seeking program at least half time.

Federal Unsubsidized Loan

Second, the Federal unsubsidized loan. This loan is granted to all eligible FASFA filers. Eligibility is determined by the number of credits a student is enrolled and degree seeking program. For more information regarding loan amounts and details please visit

Federal Parent Plus Loan

Third, is the Parent Plus Loan. This loan is only available to dependent students who are under 24 years of age and meet the dependent student criteria according to Federal Student Aid Federal Student Aid, dependency. The Parent plus loan is taken in your custodial Parents name. The Parent will need to complete the loan application and credit check on In addition, the parent will need to complete the URI supplemental application here.

For more information on these loan programs, visit:

Grants and Scholarships

$1,000 Affiliate Partner Scholarship

Nurses employed by one of URI's affiliate partner hospitals will receive a $1,000 scholarship toward their RN to BS in Nursing online. Ask your enrollment specialist if you qualify.

Federal Pell Grants

Pell Grants are federally funded need based grants that are awarded to eligible students that have need as determined by their current FASFA. The federal Pell grant can be awarded to eligible students who are enrolled in 3 or more credits.

The amount of Pell varies every year due to federal funding levels. The amount of your Pell Grant is based on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), the cost of attendance, and your enrollment status .For more information regarding the federal definition of need and Pell Grant details please visit

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