We are not currently admitting students to the RN to BS Online program track (Effective Spring Session 2 2022).

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24 credit hours in RN to BS Nursing program*

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URI's RN to BS in Nursing online prepares you to become the kind of big thinker that 21st century healthcare needs. You'll receive unique practical knowledge and a research–based, science-focused academic experience that can only be offered by one of New England's most recognized universities, in addition to valuable insight from the same professors who teach on campus.

Learning from top educators and pioneering researchers, you will gain a strong foundation of practical knowledge that prepares you to understand and manage the complexity of our changing healthcare environment. Additionally, with accelerated seven-week courses and a shortened time to completion, you can keep your online education moving forward quickly and efficiently.

URI's RN to BS in Nursing prepares you as a health educator and advocate to make a real impact on the health of not only your community, but the world at large.

The perspective and discipline provided by an RN to BSN gives you a whole new way to practice nursing.

*Note: A typical student will take between 30 and 45 credits which are determined by a review of the student's official transcript(s). All students must have 120 credits, complete the required courses, and meet URI's general education requirements to graduate with a BS degree from URI.

**Amount shown does not include fees.

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Online Courses

Gain the knowledge you need in these online RN to BS in Nursing courses

In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from URI, you must complete all required nursing classes, statistics and pharmacology, meet URI's General Education Requirements and complete a total of 120 credits with a 2.2 GPA. The number of general education courses and credits you will need and which specific courses fulfill the requirements will be determined by a review of your transcripts. An email will be sent to you after a transfer credit evaluation has been completed with your individualized curriculum sheet.

† Note: Time to completion may vary based on the number of transferable credit hours. A typical student will take between 30 and 45 credits which are determined by a review of the student's official transcript(s). All students must have 120 credits, complete the required courses, and meet URI's general education requirements to graduate with a BS degree from URI.

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Nursing Research Course Overview

Watch this video to learn more about the research methods in our online coursework, and how it applies to your nursing practice.

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NUR 247 Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice

Explores essential theoretical concepts for transition to professional nursing practice. Reflective practice, advanced roles and evidence based practice explored. Factors affecting clinical judgment and current issues in practice addressed.

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
NUR 253 Nursing Research

Introduces the principles of scientific inquiry; including identification of various ways of analytical thinking common to problem solving and critical thinking in nursing.

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
NUR 347 Nursing Management of Clients

Development of leadership and management strategies for registered nurses. Emphasis on role development and analysis of quality, safety, communication and leadership issues related to client care and nursing practice.

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
NUR 443 Community/Public Health Nursing

Analysis of concepts related to public health and nursing care of clients in the home and the community with emphasis on vulnerable and high-risk populations.

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
NUR 444 Community/Public Health Nursing Practicum

Application of the nursing process in community with emphasis on vulnerable and high risk populations. In-depth analysis of a selected population, including utilization of epidemiological and public health principles.

**Additional Information: This course is designed to help you learn about providing health care in a community setting and will reinforce concepts you learned in NUR 443. The focus of this course is to complete a project within your community. The community health project is an intervention you have developed to help meet a need in the community. Your patient population will be individuals and families living in the community and/or taking part in the community setting you have chosen.

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
NUR 447 Adult Health Assessment

Systematic assessment of health and illness in the adult client. Students will apply health history and health assessment techniques to virtual patient care scenarios.

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
BPS 333 Nursing Pharmacology

Comprehensive course in nursing pharmacology that forms the basis for therapeutics.

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
STA 220 (if no previous statistics course) Statistics in Modern Society

Elementary concepts in sampling, polls, surveys, random samples. Foundations of statistical inference; estimation, comparison prediction. Statistics for the consumer, quality of data, credibility of statistical evidence. Environmental measurements and experiments.

(Pre-requisite for NUR 253)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
COM 100 Communication Fundamentals

Integrates basic theory and experience in a variety of communication contexts including public speaking, small groups, and interpersonal communication. Examines human differences in order to develop more effective communication skills. (B2)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
NFS 207 General Nutrition

Fundamental concepts of the science of nutrition with application to the individual, community, and world. (B3) (A1)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
NUR 150 Human Sexuality

Interdisciplinary approach to the study of individual and societal determinants in the development, integration, and expression of human sexuality and a code of sexual behavior. (A2) (C3)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
SCM 101 Introduction to Communication and Media

Contemporary trends in communication and media, including how each branch of media--print, video, audio--relates to and influences the others so that old and new media converge. (B4) (C2)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
HIS 146 Women in the United States, 1890-Present

Impact of immigration and industrialization; legacy of slavery and segregation; changes in sexuality, reproduction, and work; images of women in popular culture; women's political movements. (B4) (C1)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
FLM 100 Introduction to Film/Media for Medical Professionals

Introduction to techniques of film practice for medical professionals, including film history, genres, analysis of film texts, and reading of film images in their aesthetic, cultural, and literary context. (A4) (C2)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
HDF 318G Health and Wealth

This course will draw from the disciplines of economics, public policy, public health, and consumer behavior to offer a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of health and wealth. (A2) (B4) (GC)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
TMD 126 Introduction to Design

Elements and principles of design as applied to textiles, apparel, and interiors. Overview of historical design movements. Design vocabulary. (A4) (B2)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
KIN 123 Foundations of Health LEC

Development of attitudes and practices that lead to more healthful living. Personal and community health problems studied. (Lec. 3/Online) (A2) (B4)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
NFS 212G Public Health Nutrition

This course will provide an introduction to the concepts of public health emphasizing the distinction between population-based and individual-based approaches to prevention using nutrition and diet related conditions as examples. (A2) (C3) (GC)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
NUR 280G Social Determinants of Health

(3 crs.) An introduction to social determinants of health and social justice from a public health perspective. Strategies to address health inequities will be included. (Online) (C3) (GC)

Duration: 7 weeks
Credit Hours: 3

General education is 40 credits. Each of the 12 outcomes (A1-D1) must be met by at least three credits (see outcome descriptions below). A single course may meet more than one outcome, but cannot be double counted towards the 40 credit total. At least one course must be a Grand Challenge (G). No more than 12 credits can have the same course code (note- HPR courses may have more than 12 credits). General education courses may also be used to meet requirements of the major when appropriate.

General Education Outcome Descriptions

A1 – Understand and apply theories and methods of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) disciplines
A2 – Understand theories and methods of the social and behavioral sciences
A3 – Understand the context and significance of the humanities using theoretical, historical, and experiential perspectives
A4 – Understand the context and significance of arts and design

B1 – Write effective and precise texts that fulfill their communicative purposes and address various audiences
B2 – Communicate effectively via listening, delivering oral presentations, and actively participating in group work
B3 – Apply the appropriate mathematical, statistical, or computational strategies to problem–solving
B4 – Develop information literacy to independently research complex issues

C1 – Develop and engage in civic knowledge and responsibilities
C2 – Develop and exercise global responsibilities
C3 – Develop and exercise diversity and inclusion responsibilities

D1 – Demonstrate the ability to synthesize multiple knowledge perspectives, competencies, and responsibilities

G – Exploration of multiple perspectives on areas of contemporary significance, including their ethical implications

Tuition/Financial Aid

Experience value with our affordable online RN to BS in Nursing program

For more than 125 years, the University of Rhode Island has been a learner-centered university. We are committed to offering students from all backgrounds and levels of economic need a high quality, affordable education.

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Affiliate Partner Scholarship

Financial Aid

Students pursuing their degrees in URI's RN to BS in Nursing online program qualify for the same funding opportunities and state and federal financial aid programs as traditional students. Our advisors will work with you to identify all possible resources to fund your education and extend the value of your investment in your degree.

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Additional Fees

One-time Fees
Application Fee: $65
Transcript Fee: $50
Document Fee: $115

Course-related Fees
Registration Fee: $15 per session
Technology Fee: $12 per credit hour/$36 per 3-credit hour course

$1,000 Affiliate Partner Scholarship

Nurses employed by one of The University of Rhode Island's affiliate partner hospitals will receive a $1,000 scholarship toward their RN to BS in Nursing online tuition.

Bedford MA Veteran Affairs Medical Center (Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital)

Bradley Hospital (Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital)

Bristol Hospital

Bristol Hospital - HC Cohort

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

Columbia Memorial Hospital

Comprehensive Community Action Program

Concord Hospital

ConnectiCare Inc.

Eleanor Slater Hospital

Ellis Hospital

Gateway Healthcare, Inc.

Glen Falls Hospital

Griffin Hospital

Hasbro Children's Hospital

Heywood Hospital


HopeHealth - Dementia & Alzheimer's Services

HopeHealth - Hope Hospice

HopeHealth - Hospice & Palliative Care

HopeHealth - Hope Palliative Care Center

HopeHealth - McCarthy Care Center

HopeHealth - Phillip Hulitar Hospice Center

HopeHealth - Visiting Nurse

Kent Hospital

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

Lifespan (System-Wide)

Middlesex Hospital

Newport Hospital

Northern CT Black Nurses Association

St Mary's Hospital

Tewksbury Hospital

The Miriam Hospital

UMass Memorial Medical Center

Westerly Hospital

If you would like to see your hospital included in this list, please contact an enrollment specialist at 844-221-5367.


We are not currently admitting students to the RN to BS in Nursing online program track, effective with the Spring 2, 2022 session.

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