How to transform good nurse leaders into great ones

One of the most important reasons for enrolling in an RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is to learn how to move from a good nurse leader to a great one. One of the most important qualities of a great leader is the ability to influence others. This means that nurse leaders understand how to persuade others to achieve and how to encourage others to act through example.

The qualities of great nurse leaders

Research has shown some of the key qualities that nurses look for in their leaders include a passion for their work, a commitment to excellence, accessibility, empathy, a clear vision of their goals, a focus on direction, respectfulness for co-workers and those they supervise, and a commitment to helping others develop and reach their potential.

Important questions regarding leadership to use as a guide

When choosing an online RN to BSN program that will help you develop the qualities and knowledge that nursing leadership requires, you should explore these questions and use them as a guide while pursuing your degree:

  • How do I make change?
  • How do I resolve conflict?
  • How do I modify my behaviors to improve healthcare?
  • How can I deal with patient biases?
  • Am I proficient in population care, and can I evaluate trends and understand how they impact communities?

Great nursing leadership is also important for retention

Studies have shown that employee retention is a major problem for hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Departing employees often include in their lists of reasons for leaving the lack of leadership and poor treatment by their superiors and managers. Great nurse leaders know how to persuade and guide those whom they supervise, and to assist their employees in doing their best work.

The ever-growing need for nursing leadership

The need for proficient nurse leaders who have BSNs has never been greater. It is an ever-growing need because of the many changes that are taking place in healthcare delivery and its increasing complexity. In addition, the passage of the Affordable Care Act has increased the demand for more medical professionals to deliver care to the additional Americans who now number among the insured.

Great nurse leaders are not only needed to fill the gaps in care, to motivate and inspire their colleagues, and to increase retention in their workplaces, but to have a prominent position at the table with other well-educated healthcare leaders in making and shaping healthcare policy for the future.

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